Neighbourhood Development Partnership Grant
Management Information System

Welcome to the Neighbourhood Development Programme’s Management Information System (MIS). The MIS is the central information management and reporting system of the NDPG where grant managers from municipalities and the National Treasury NDP Unit submit, update, and review their award information. 

The MIS portal is a complete redesign of the initial system which comprised of an internal NDP database and an online monthly reporting interface where municipalities would previously report. The MIS replaces this, giving NDPG’s approved users:

  • Access to a repository for viewing and  interacting with award, project and other related information relevant to the NDPG;
  • A useful reporting system for the key roleplayers; and
  • Improved speed and efficiencies in key information stages and processes within the NDPG operational framework.

Access to the MIS is enabled upon Registration for NDPG coordinators and delegated authorities in grantee municipalities, NDP’s grant managers, and other key stakeholders for whom access has been granted by the NDP Unit. (Service Provider Approval Form)

The new MIS system is designed with the needs of users foremost in mind, and we welcome your Feedback on ways it can be improved. Enhancements will be released in phases over coming months.

Please log in and make your selection from the left menu bar.

Available from 1st April 2011